1 January 2020

Project F Sitemap

FPGA Library

The Project F Library includes handy Verilog designs from across Project F.
Read the Verilog Library Announcement or visit the Library on GitHub.

FPGA Graphics

Learn graphics at the hardware level, create games and demos, improve your FPGA design skills:

  • FPGA Graphics - learn how displays work and animate simple shapes
  • Pong - race the beam to create the arcade classic
  • Hardware Sprites - fast, colourful, graphics with minimal resources
  • Ad Astra - demo with hardware sprites and animated starfields
  • Framebuffers - driving the display from a bitmap in memory
  • Life on Screen - the screen comes alive with Conway’s Game of Life
  • Lines and Triangles - drawing lines and triangles with a framebuffer
  • 2D Shapes - filling and animating shapes
  • Simple 3D - models and wireframe rendering (draft coming soon)


A three-part introduction to FPGA development and Verilog with the Digilent Arty or Nexys Video boards:


Hardware & Devices


Tools & Testing


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