6 April 2020

FPGA Tooling on Ubuntu 20.04

In this post, I test common FPGA tools for compatibility with Ubuntu 20.04 (AKA Focal Fossa), and my regular desktop OS: Pop!_OS 20.04. These tests are in no way exhaustive: I have tried using the applications as I usually do to exercise the main functionality. I have also included instructions for building the tools from source when available. This is my final planned update for this post (July 2020). Tested: IceStorm Tools, nextpnr, nMigen, Verilator, Vivado, Yosys Incomplete: Quartus Updated 2020-07-30. Read more

1 January 2020

About Project F

There’s something profoundly satisfying about designing at the hardware level, be it creating your own arcade game, handling unusual hardware interfaces, mining cryptocurrencies, building your own robot, analysing oodles of data, or even developing your own CPU. I find working with FPGAs gives me a sense of delight so often lacking in modern software development. An FPGA is like a giant virtual breadboard or Lego for electronics: if you can imagine it, you can probably build it. Read more

1 January 2020

Project F Sitemap

FPGA Graphics Learn graphics at the hardware level, create games and demos, improve your FPGA design skills: Exploring FPGA Graphics - how displays work and simple animated colour graphics FPGA Pong - race the beam to create the arcade classic FPGA Ad Astra - animated starfields, hardware sprites, and bitmap fonts Life on Screen - bitmaps and Conway’s Game of Life (being written) Hello A three-part introduction to FPGA development and Verilog with the Digilent Arty board: Read more

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