1 January 2020

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Verilog Library

The Project F Library includes handy Verilog designs from across Project F.
Read the Verilog Library Announcement or visit the Library on GitHub:

  • Clock - clock generation (PLL) and domain crossing
  • Display - display timings, framebuffer, DVI/HDMI output
  • Essential - handy modules for many designs
  • Graphics - drawing lines and shapes
  • Maths - divide, LFSR, square root, sine…
  • Memory - ROM and RAM designs, including BRAM and SPRAM
  • UART - UART (serial) transmitter/receiver

FPGA Graphics

Learn graphics at the hardware level, create games and demos, improve your FPGA design skills:

Maths and Algorithms with FPGAs

Stay tuned for more parts in 2022.


An introduction to FPGA development and Verilog with the Digilent Arty or Nexys Video boards:


Hardware & Devices


Tools & Testing


News is now quarterly.

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